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Deep Blue ExplorersDeep Blue ExplorersDeep Blue Explorers

Deep Blue Explorers

Deep Blue ExplorersDeep Blue ExplorersDeep Blue Explorers

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April 2020

The fourth Croatia Operation Wallacea expedition is slowly getting ready. Based on Silba island for the second year, we are excited for the next season adventure.

However, due to the Coronavirus situation, we are on hold and waiting for further development. 

For more information about the situation and our future staff needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our goals and aims

In 2016, four marine scientifics decided to join effort and knowledge to work and invest in what is truly important to them. 

Therefore, in order to support, promote and develop marine research and protection, Deep Blue Explorers NGO was created based on two main objectives.

Cooperation and coordination

Development and implementation of multidisciplinary marine scientific studies in order to assist management and awareness rising regarding marine and coastal resources, in partnership with local communities.

Development of national and international cooperation with stakeholders (Institutes, NGOs, local population, universities, tourists). Especially with scientists dealing with similar marine research around the mediterranean sea and the world to organize our efforts and skills. 

Applied courses

Organising applied educational courses since we want to give the opportunity to all future marine biologists, ecologists, oceanographers, conservationists and managers to come in contact with their field of studies and equipment. We want to promote open-minded scientific thinking and help students discover life aboard studying different ecosystem and to encourage strong initiative regarding research.